I'm having Speech Recognition Microphone Issues. How can I resolve this?

Here are a few tips we suggest off the bat:

  • Before you try any of the following steps, close the app completely and restart it
  • If you are using bluetooth headset, try using without it (using your phone mic)
  • Make sure you are using Jumpspeak in a quiet setting, so there is no background noise affecting the microphone

You can also try switching between Enhanced or Basic Speech Recognition (some devices prefer one over the other and you may find this greatly enhances your experience!):

1. Tap the PERSON icon on the bottom or top right of the screen.




2. Scroll down to Lesson Experience

3. Next to Enhanced Speech Recognition, make note if the toggle is ON (blue and to the right) or OFF (grey and to the left)


4. If it is ON, please try turning it OFF. If it is OFF, please try turning it ON. Basically, this is a test to see if one works better on your device than the other.

5. Try a new lesson or AI Tutor chat and see if it works better with the Enhanced Speech Recognition ON or OFF.

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