I paid for Premium but I can't gain access

If you already purchased you membership but can't gain access, here are the following steps to gain access:

* Access Jumpspeak Premium

1. If you haven't already, download Jumpspeak:

-App Store

-Google Play

2. Tap (Let's Go) or "New to Jumpspeak? Sign up" (do not try to sign in),




3. Enter the email address you used at checkout and create your password.

You'll have to use the email sign up feature, not the social sign-up for this to work.


Important: we highly recommend you watch this quick video tutorial to get the most out of Jumpspeak.

* Access your bonus gifts:

Get access to Unlimited Text Tutoring & Private Mastermind - CLICK HERE

As a reminder: The Unlimited Text Tutoring (see 'Text Tutoring' in the private community) allows you to directly ask any question & get specific feedback from professional tutors. This is an incredibly valuable offer that you're receiving at no extra cost as a member, so make sure you take advantage of it!

If you purchased one of our courses, look out for a separate email starting with 'Access....' and click the link provided to gain access.

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